Battery Price/Net(€) Remark
Kapok 6200/7200, Clevo 860/862/870/980/982/660/665/668 60  
Kaopk 1100T/M/P, 1300T/M/P 98  
Kapok 3100C/B, 3300C/B 98  
Kaopk 5100C/S, 5300C/S 98  
Kapok 2100P/M, 2300P/M 98  
Kaopk 8500T/M/P, 8700T/M/P 105  
Clevo 3200/3400/3220/3420 98  
Clevo 282/285 98  
Clevo 4200/4600 98  
2200C/S/T, 2700C/S/T, D270E/M270E 98  
D610/630, 5600/5620D 98  
8500V, 8880, D870P, D800 105  
T200C/V, M375, M300N, M350, M180, M190S 93  
D400, D470W, D470V. D470K 70  

Caution: Danger of explosion if a wrong Akku is used. Only use battery designed for this computer. The wrong Battery may explode, leak or damage the computer. Use of non-original bettary can be very serious, please read our newsletter for more information.

CLEVO hereby claim that CLEVO will not be liable for the damage or indemnification for the battery not sold from the service center of CLEVO. For protecting the consumer's right, please get the battery from the authorized channel of CLEVO or service center of CLEVO